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Competence Center

IEC61499 European Compentence Centre

What: Competence Centre for IEC61499

Within the context of the Horizon2020 European Initiative Daedalus, conceived to foster the creation of a digital marketplace for distributed industrial automation, the IEC61499 Competence Centre is the focal aggregation point of the technologies needed to deploy within the market an interoperable platform for CPS.

Born after a long path of research and innovation of its feeding partners, the Competence Centre will act as “last kilometer” of the technology transfer process, maximizing the impact of the disruptive IEC-61499 standard by encapsulating innovative solutions directly within the market.


Who: Synesis, Innovation Hub for Technological Transfer

With the mission of Technology Transfer, a decade of experience in IEC-61499 from
research to industry and an extended network of international partners, Synesis will embody in Daedalus and within the market the spirit and practicality of the Competence Centre, acting as a bridge between companies interested in testing the technology and the developers of the platform.

Hosted at Synesis premises, the IEC-61499 Competence Centre will be launched in an environment conceived to be “innovation within the market”, the ComoNExT Science and Technology Park.

Situated in Lomazzo, in the former Cotonificio Somaini, a 19th-century cotton mill of great historical and architectural significance, ComoNExT is an initiative undertaken by the COMO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE within the framework of social development projects aimed at boosting the competitiveness of the local economy.

When: 18-19 October 2016

Developing its program over an agenda of two days, the launch event of the IEC61499 European Competence Centre has been conceived to embrace all representatives of the industrial automation value chain, from platform developers to end-users.

Understanding that the aim of creating a digital marketplace for automation is both a technological and an economic challenge, the launch event is structured to tackle two main objectives:

  • On the first day, opening a broad discussion with the main European epresentative of automation technologies, starting a path that will lead to a new revision of the IEC-61499 international standard;
  • On the second day, presenting to the business public, the future complementors of Daedalus ecosystem, the infinite opportunities that the concepts of distributed automation can bring to the manufacturing sectors.

The event will be coordinated and moderated by the partners of Daedalus project, world-level experts in their field of expertise, but with an organization of the sessions that will maximize the explicit involvement of the participants, trying to gather as much feedback as possible.

Here below, you will find the full program of the event.

Where: LaGare Hotel Milano Centrale

The ECC-61499 launch event is taking place in an exceptionally convenient location, within the most innovative district of Milan, between the new skyscrapers of the city and near the high speed train, just a few steps away from the Milan Central Station.

Those who also love the glamorous nightlife can find the most popular clubs and pubs of the city in the nearby streets of Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi.

Besides being the venue of the two-days conference, the “LaGare Hotel” is a perfectly convenient location to have a good night of sleep in the heart of Milan. In case you wanted to book a room there, a discount rate can be obtained by using the “Synesis” keyword.

Since the number of available rooms is in any case limited, here below another couple of nice accommodations close to our venue: